Radiator and Air Conditioner Manufacturer

YUXIN is a trusted developer, manufacturer and supplier of heat exchanger products. We offer the most complete and comprehensive line of plate-fin heat exchangers, hydraulic oil radiators, air conditioners, and intercoolers, among various others. Typical uses of our products are in the construction machinery and special purpose vehicles. Quality products, coupled with attentive services, are what raise YUXIN a notch above the rest.

    1. Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger

      The name "plate-fin" refers to the structure of the heat exchanger, which is a stack of alternating flat plates and corrugated sheets. The ridges on the corrugated sheet are known as fins. The fins, together with the flat plates, form the flow channels or finned chambers for various liquids to flow through.

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    1. Air Blast Cooler

      The air cooled radiator is primarily fitted into the hydraulic system of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, road machinery, and other special machinery, such as the crane, rotary drilling rig, compactor, and the trailer-mounted concrete pump.

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    1. Intercooler

      Customers should have confidence in each and every intercooler purchased from us. At YUXIN, there has been a full range of production equipment in place to ensure each finished product meets high quality standards. These equipment sets are listed in following.

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    1. Car Radiator

      Our water tank radiator is available in a variety of shapes, the most common being the plate-fin or shell-tube configurations. We maintain an integrated production line for producing advanced aluminum radiators. Applications:Car and other special machinery.

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    1. Air conditioner for Excavator

      Model No. : GQT-92C
      Installation Location : On the right side of the cab seat
      Dimension : 674mm ×400mm ×275mm
      Air Conditioner Core : Stacked-plate heat exchanger

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    1. A/C Evaporator Core and Condenser Core

      Stacked-Plate Type Evaporator Core (Stacked Plate HeatExchanger for Evaporator)
      Parallel Flow Type Evaporator Core (Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger for Evaporator)
      Serpentine Type Condenser Core (Serpentine Heat Exchanger for Condenser)

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