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Hydraulic Oil Cooler

We are specialized in providing custom built cooling systems for all industrial and equipment applications. With over 30 years’ experience in hydraulic oil cooler manufacturing, we can supply hydraulic oil cooling system for cranes, concrete mixers and all other engineering machines that use hydraulic oil as the medium for power transferring. By now, we have produced over 10,000 hydraulic oil coolers.

Why Us
1. Coolers fabricated from aluminum, copper and stainless steel are all available.
2. Product dimension and performance can be custom built according to client-side demands.
3. Our range of hydraulic oil cooler features firm structure, large heat radiating area, small wind resistance, fast heat transfer, and wide adaptability.
4. Bespoke cooling solutions are available for your hydraulic system.
5. Multiple types of fan, motor and valve block are available for your option.
6. We are backed by a complete supply system, and thus clients can feel rest assured in purchasing.
7. We use simulation software for hydraulic oil cooler design. Also we employ advanced production and laboratory equipment, and advanced product quality planning process for assured quality.

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