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Air Blast Cooler

The air blast cooler is mainly composed of the radiator core, wind hood, fan, mounting bracket, flange connection, and the drive unit.

A compact structure typically allows the radiator core to have a high pressure resistance, great heat dissipation performance, and maximum reliability. Made of aluminum alloy, such a core has relatively light weight.

The air cooler incorporates a fan and fan drive. The fan comes with nylon fan blades that are resistant to weathering and static pressure. The fan drive is either a reliable, long-lasting electric motor or hydraulic motor.

Compact layout, high cooling efficiency, and easy installation are three major benefits of our air cooled radiator for its end users.

The air blast cooler is often utilized as hydraulic oil cooler, engine oil cooler and coolant cooler in engineering vehicles, construction machines, vehicles, generator sets, and air compressors. It can also be installed in wind turbines, railway vehicles and marine engines.

Project Cases
Backed by our 20 years’ experience in this industry, we have successfully designed air blast coolers for Caterpillar cranes, Komatsu excavators, and Cummins gensets.

1. DC24V or DC 12V electric motor
2. AC220V, AC110V, or AC380V electric motor
3. Hydraulic motor

Working Conditions
1. Fluids that do not corrode the aluminum
2. Design Pressure: 1.6MPa
3. Cooling system maximum working pressure: ≤2.0MPa
4. Maximum working temperature: ≤200°C
5. Breakdown pressure: 5.3MPa

Other Parts
Upon your request, we can add a temperature controller, oil filter, electrical relay, or a bypass valve to our air cooled radiator.

Model Outside Dimension (L×W×T) Mounting Method Fan Drive Heat Dissipation (m²) Oil Inlet and outlet Specification Matching Vehicle Model Dimensional Drawing
FLJ-4B 585×405×235 mm Mounting Block 4-M10 DC2.4 Condenser 11.2 2-Φ30 37m truck-mounted concrete pump
FLJ-12F 865×806×447 mm Mounting Block8-Φ11 Hydraulic Motor 45.64 2-Φ48 12-20T*m rotary drilling rig
FLJ-19 765×542×490 mm Mounting Block 6-14×20 380V 370W AC Electric Motor 21.98 2-Φ48 60m trailer-mounted concrete pump
FLJ-20 705×522×310 mm Mounting Block 4-Φ12 380V 370W Electric Motor 24.22 2-Φ30 60m trailer-mounted concrete pump
FLJ-25 641×474×260 mm Mounting Plate 8-10×16 DC.24V Condenser 16.48 2-G1 ¼ 25-52T Wheel-mounted crane
FLJ-28A 1200×880×390mm Mounting Plate 6-14×18 Not Available 113.7 2-Φ42 Rotary Drilling Rig
FLJ-28B 1200×900×500 mm Mounting Plate 6-14×18 Hydraulic Motor 113.7 2-Φ42 600T Crawler Crane
FLJ-37 770×540×235 mm Mounting Bracket 6-14×20 380V 370W Hydraulic Press 23.14 M48×2-6H 60m Trailer-Mounted Concrete Pump
FLJ-39 670×400×318 mm Mounting Bracket 4-Φ21 DC.24V Condenser 9.95 m² 2-φ54 (inside diameterφ30) 16T-25T crane
FLJ-49 610×550×261 mm Mounting Plate 4-12×16 DC.24V Condenser 21.65 2-Φ30 70T-100T crawler crane
FLJ-69 600×580×283 mm Mounting Bracket with Threaded Holes (4-M10) DC.24V Electric Motor 24.8 2-φ30 Flange ----
FLJ-74 600×465×200 mm Female Thread 2-G1 DC 24V Condenser 11 --- ---

The above specifications are provided for your reference only. We can design and manufacture products according to your specific requirements.

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