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If your car has a turbocharger in it, chances are that you have seen an intercooler, which can be found between your car engine and turbocharger. Compressing air in the turbocharger often raises its temperature, too. That is why the intercooler should be brought into play, in order to cool the hot boosted air coming out of the turbocharger before it is fed into the engine.

Customers should have confidence in each and every intercooler purchased from us. At YUXIN, there has been a full range of production equipment in place to ensure each finished product meets high quality standards. These equipment sets are listed in following.

1. Automatic pipe making machine
2. Radiator fin forming machine
3. NOCOLOCK brazing furnace
4. Ultrasonic cleaning machine
5. CNC binding machine
6. CNC lathe
7. CNC punch press
8. CNC shearing machine
9. CNC machining center
10. Surface coating line

At YUXIN, an intercooler research and development team is all on hand to customize your intercoolers to industry-leading standards. At the moment, YUXIN is supplying suitable intercoolers for various construction machinery or agricultural machinery to Zoomline, LiuGong, XiaGong, and YiTuo(Luoyang).

Model No. Structure Dimension mm Installation Method Heat Dissipation Area m2 Inlet and Outlet Diameter Matching Vehicle Type Dimensional Drawing
ZLQ-2 Serpentine heat exchanger (aluminum) 1038×689×218 6-10×14 20 φ110 Excavator
ZLQ-102 Serpentine heat exchanger (aluminum) 962×677×158 12-10×14 21.9 2-φ80 Crane

The above specifications are provided for your reference only. We can design and manufacture products according to your specific requirements.

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