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Car Radiator

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At YUXIN, we provide high quality automobile radiators for cooling the water that circulates through the motor. This radiator is in effect a water tank. That is why it should be called the car radiator in China. As a key component in the automobile cooling system, the radiator absorbs heat from the circulating water, ensuring normal functions of the engine.

We have maintained a wide range of car radiator in stock, which are listed as follows.
1. Radiators for brand-name automobiles, such as Sinotruk, Dongfeng, FAW, and Auman.
2. Car radiator for genset
3. Car radiator for construction machinery
4. Car radiator for agricultural machinery
5. Car radiator for oilfield machinery
6. Car radiator for various Chinese and imported engines (135series, 137 series, 190 series, WEICHAI series, Dongfanghong Series, Cummins series, Mannheim series)
Over the years, we have attracted various big companies for our car radiator, such as Doosan, XiaGong, LiuGong, Zoomlion, Sany, YTO, XCMG, ChengGong, and LongGong.

Our car radiator is available in a variety of shapes, the most common being the plate-fin or shell-tube configurations. We maintain an integrated production line for producing advanced aluminum radiators. Our professional research and development team, industry-leading quality assurance system, and military-grade technology ensure we build the first-rate car radiator with compact structure, high heat radiation efficiency, long service life and high cost performance ratio.

Car, truck, passenger car, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and other special machinery, including the excavator, loader, crane, rotary drilling rig, grader, paver, mixer, pump truck, concrete pump, and the mining vehicle.

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