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Coolers for Engineering/Construction/Agricultural Machines

As an industrial and equipment radiator specialist, we can design and produce various coolers for engineering, construction and agricultural machines, including the wheel loader, excavator, crane, bulldozer, road roller, road grader, road paver, rotary drilling rig, harvester, tractor, and the seeding equipment. Contact us today if you need custom cooling solutions for your heavy equipment.

Why Us
1. We can create modular structured heavy equipment radiators according to your demands.
2. Simplified development process enables our clients to get final products in a shorter period of time.
3. We ensure our product quality and customer satisfaction based on our high level of technical standards, advanced production techniques, scientific supply chain management, and complete after sales service.
4. While employing simulation software for heavy equipment radiator design, we also adopt advanced production and lab equipment, as well as advanced product quality planning process for product development and manufacturing.

According to the specific applications, we can provide the following styles of coolers for engineering, construction and agricultural machines.
1. Water coolers
2. Coolant coolers
3. Charge air coolers
4. Fuel coolers
5. Hydraulic oil coolers
6. Gearbox oil coolers
7. Engine oil coolers
8. Lubrication oil coolers
9. Coolant media coolers

Our complete cooling systems for heavy equipment are typically made up of:
1. Radiators
2. Charge-air coolers
3. Hydraulic oil coolers
4. Hood with protective grid
5. Fans
6. Hydro motors
7. Hoses

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