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In April 2008, YUXIN undertook a project to develop an automatic air conditioning system for use in the construction machinery produced by a manufacturer. This project was previously contracted to DENSO Corporation.

At the end of July that year, YUXIN successfully developed the first automatic air conditioner sample which later proved an ideal fit for the excavator produced by a Chinese construction machinery producer. To improve its air conditioner technology, YUXIN started to develop the numeric display and controller in March 2009, and achieved successes in the following year.

Between January and March of 2010, YUXIN conducted a test at YUXIN state-level testing center. In the test, we compared the performance of original DENSON air conditioners with that of YUXIN air conditioners. Various other tests are also carried out on the electrical parts of the air conditioner, such as the vibration test, durability test, and high and low temperature test. Test results are listed below.

1. DENSON Air Conditioner Vs YUXIN Air Conditioner (for cooling performance)

Condenser Power Consumption Cooling Capacity Coefficient of Performance (COP)
DENSON 2.02KW 4171.29W 2.06
YUXIN 2.49KW 4957.67W 1.99

Under the same testing conditions, our air conditioner exhibits an 18.85% improvement in cooling capacity over the original DENSON system. This cooling performance improvement indicates that YUXIN evaporator has a better design than DENSON’s. YUXIN air conditioning system, however, has a higher coefficient of performance than the DENSON model. This is mainly due to the selection of different condensers.

2. Heating Performance Comparison

Conclusion Manufacturer Average Air Output Average Output Air Temperature Heating Capacity
YUXIN 528.5m3 /h 57.86°C 7348.3W
DENSON 423m3 /h 55.45°C 6109.0W

A 20.3% improvement in the heating capacity is shown of our air conditioner over the DENSON model under the same testing conditions.

3. Electrical Parts Test
All the electrical parts function normally after the type test.

4. Continuous Operation Test
Run our air conditioner continuously for 240 hours on our self-made test bed. After the operation, all the parts still function properly.

5. Installation
Thus far, we have installed our air conditioners onto around 200 medium to large-size excavators produced by various Chinese construction machinery manufacturers. After installation, we keep close track of their air conditioning performance.

Today our air conditioner can be fitted into almost any construction machinery produced in China.

odel FLJ-66 Air-Cooled Radiator for Cooling Hydraulic Oil for Crane

1. Cooling Indicator ; 2. Power Supply Switch ; 3. Air Output Setting + ; 4. Temperature Setting + ; 5. Mode Selection ; 6. Automatic Indication ; 7. Automatic Selection ; 8. Manually Operated Cooling Operation ; 9. Manually Operated Heating Operation ; 10. Heating Indicator ; 11. Air Output Setting - ; 12. Temperature Setting - ; 13. New Air Cooling Indicator ; 14. New Air Cooling Switch