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Changlin Company Limited is a China-based loader manufacturer that has experienced a strong growth in recent years. For years, CHANGLIN has relied on a number of manufacturers for the supply of engine water cooler, hydraulic oil cooler, and torque converter oil cooler. Different manufacturers vary considerably in production capability, resulting in an expensive integrated cooling system that occupies a large space but delivers poor cooling performance. Such are common defects in the design of construction machinery radiators.

CHANGLIN is one of our long-term partners who understand us quite well. That is part of the reason why CHANGLIN finally decides to rely on us for an energy-saving, cost-effective engine cooling system that not only has a compact design but also delivers high-efficiency performance.

After considered thoughts on the CHANGLIN loader structure, our technical team conducts a serious analysis on the loader specifications, and carries out tens of times of computer simulation before putting forward this final solution. The proposal suggests that the engine eater radiator and hydraulic oil radiator should be arranged one on top of the other. The radiator core uses the plate-fin arrangement. The torque converter oil radiator is made of stainless steel and should be fitted inside the car radiator chamber where it can uses the engine water to cool down the torque converter oil.

Our engine cooling system have provided 2 years of trouble-free use in CHANGLIN loaders. Customers from CHANGLIN speak highly of our products. Highly reliable and cost-effective, YUXIN radiators feature a compact design that delivers high heat radiation performance while saving operation costs by hundreds of thousands RMB. Model SYH-58 engine cooling system, for example, has become a popular choice for CHANGLIN, creating a sales volume of 2 million RMB. Presently, nearly 90% of CHANGLIN loaders use our engine cooling system.

Based on the success in the development of model SYH-58 engine cooling system, YUXIN continues to develop new radiators for LiuGong Machinery, XGMA machinery, Zoomlion, Sany, Lonking (Shanghai) Forklift, the YTO (Luoyang) Group, and DOOSAN. The supply of engine cooling system alone brings in more than 80 million RMB of sales volume.

Model SYH-58A engine cooling system