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YUXIN is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum radiator, vehicle air conditioning system and heat exchanger in China. Our production facilities cover an area up to 75,000㎡. We have invested over 500 million CNY for product research, development, production and marketing. Our flagship products include aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers, hydraulic oil coolers, water radiators for engines, automotive intercoolers, construction machine air conditioners, and heat exchanger core units for vehicle air conditioners. Our products are widely installed in air conditioners, wind turbines, generator sets, hydraulic systems, automobiles, engineering vehicles, concrete mixer trucks, and ships. We welcome you to contact us, if you need industrial and equipment radiators, or air conditioning solutions for cars, trucks and engineering vehicles.

Our custom radiators are widely used for air compressors, wind turbines, automobiles, refrigeration air conditioners, engineering machinery, and ships. If you are looking any one of the following products, please feel free to contact us.
1. Air compressor coolers, including the oil cooler, aftercooler, aftercooler/oil cooler combination unit, air blast cooler, as well as the oil and gas cooler for screw compressors, sliding vane compressors, scroll compressors and other rotary compressors.
2. Cooler for wind turbines, including water cooling system for the engine and the frequency converter, gearbox transmission oil cooler, and hydraulic system heat exchanger.
3. Car radiators, including diesel engine cooling system
4. Cooler for engineering machinery: including engine oil cooler, intercooler, water cooling radiator, combined radiators
5. Oil coolers for concrete mixer
6. Hydraulic oil coolers, including both water cooled and air cooled versions
7. Cooler for ships
8. Aluminum cooler core

Our custom vehicle air conditioners are widely used for engineering machines, road construction equipment and agricultural machines, including wheel loaders, excavators, cranes, bulldozers, road rollers, road graders, road pavers, and rotary drilling rigs.

Annual Production
Radiator: 4,000 ton / 60,000 units
Radiator with fan unit: 30,000 units
Aluminum radiators and intercoolers: 30,000 ton
Core units for air conditioner heat exchangers: 3 million units
Complete air conditioner for construction machinery: 300,000 units