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1. Order confirmation
(1) Confirm the product design drawing and technical parameters after project feasibility analysis
(2) Confirm price according to the design drawing and order quantity
(3) Confirm the date of delivery
(4) Confirm payment method

We have independent research and development facilities. There are 50 talented technicians responsible for the research and development of vehicle air conditioners and vehicle radiators, including 32 junior and senior technicians. Backed by this team, we are provided with very strong product development capacity and system integration capability, and thus we are able to design and manufacture premium quality products according to client-side demands.
Also, we have an experienced sales team and a complete finance system, which ensure reasonable price of our products and make sure we can deliver goods as agreed.

2. Sample making
(1) Further confirm the detailed design drawing, external design and technical parameters of products
(2) Confirm the production cycle for samples
(3) Confirm the product packaging and transportation method
(4) Work out the blueprint to facilitate sample making
(5) Design and produce the appropriate work fixture and checking fixture
(6) Start sample making, and we won’t start mass production until the client confirms the sample

We have a specialized new production development team, including a sample making team composed of 15 technical experts, 3 process experts , 2 quality control specialist and a group of skilled operators. Backed by these talented staff, we can timely find out and solve all the problems occurred during sample design and making processes. Our especially designed work and checking fixtures allow for smooth transition from sample making to mass production.

3. Small scale production
(1) Advanced production facilities and complete quality management system are employed during the production
(2) The production is performed according to our designed curing process  
(3) Work out the prototype drawing
(4) Further ensure the accuracy, performance and quality of the work and checking fixtures required for mass production
(5) Ensure the exact date of delivery
(6) Perform quality inspection and assurance throughout the production

We have earned ISO/TS16949 quality management system certificate, and our small scale production is performed in strict conformation with the system standard so as to ensure constant quality.
Presently, we are outfitted with 4 vacuum brazing furnaces, 1 gas phase ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc., and we also invest to design and make the work and checking fixtures. These ensure first grade quality of our products.  

4. Mass production
(1) Backed by a complete range of production facilities and skilled workers
(2) Performed according to international quality management system standards
(3) Complete and clearly-illustrated design drawings
(4) Complete technological processes
(5) Timely delivery

At the moment, all technical information are well prepared and we only need to ensure timely delivery. Our specialized heat exchanger production workshop is operated by approx. 80 skilled workers and outfitted with performance production equipment and work fixtures, allowing us to produce 4,000 ton aluminum heat exchanger every year.
Our talented staff and advanced facilities enable us to deliver goods timely without compromising on quality.

5. Quality control and shipping
(1) We perform strict quality control before leaving factory, and also support quality control performed by clients themselves or any third party as agreed.
(2) Package and deliver goods as agreed.
(3) Arrange goods shipment timely to make sure clients can receive goods in the shortest period of time.

During the entire process, we provide 24 hour continuous customer service. Clients can contact our sales personnel or technical experts at any time.