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At YUXIN, environmental awareness is thought of as the core of the environmental management system. In addition to providing customers with top-grade products, we also strive to minimize the impact on the environment caused by our products, production activities and services.

Raw Material Selection
We use R134 refrigerant in our air conditioning system to prevent damages to the ozone layer which otherwise would be caused by the use of Freon.

Improvements in Heating System Emission Reduction
In a traditional construction vehicle, the heat source of heating system was the diesel engine. Due to rising oil price, using the engine to supply heat was quite costly and causes heavy air pollution.

Now YUXIN develops the double-power heating system for the construction vehicle. The engine only provides power for the vehicle to travel and is no longer used as a heat source. This heating method not only reduces cost but also minimizes the air pollution caused by burning oil.

Improvements in Air Conditioner Emission Reduction for Construction Machinery
In a conventional construction vehicle or other off-road vehicles, its air conditioning condenser is driven by the fuel engine. Again due to the rising oil cost, running an air conditioner in a traditional off-road vehicle can be costly and does harm to the environment. That is why YUXIN has developed the new air conditioning system for construction machinery that uses the site electricity supply to save oil and reduce air pollution.