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Radiator and Air Conditioning Solutions for Engineering, Construction and Agricultural Machinery

YUXIN is a large-scale manufacturer of radiators and air conditioners for engineering, construction and agricultural machinery. We provide customized cooling solutions for the hydraulic system, oil system, water cooling system and intercooling system of all types of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment radiators for mediums such as water, coolant, charge air, hydraulic oil, and lubricant are all available.

In addition to single purpose cooling system, we are also able to custom design a combined unit to offer multiple purposes to reduce space. Our multi-purpose cooling systems feature compact size, higher heat exchange efficiency, and powerful functions.

We welcome you to contact us for customized radiator and air conditioning solutions. The following is a list of products we have designed for our clients. For more products, contact us today.
Water cooler
Coolant cooler
Charge air cooler
Fuel cooler
Hydraulic oil cooler
Gearbox oil cooler
Engine oil cooler
Lubricant cooler