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The predecessor of YUXIN, Yuxin Machinery Factory, was founded. The company started as a manufacturer of aircraft heat exchangers.

Adhering to the spirit of aircraft parts manufacture, we began to develop heat exchangers for automotive air conditioning system.

The first plate-fin heat exchanger was successfully developed. After the initial success, our company was quickly moving to the design of radiators, water tanks, and intercoolers for use in construction machinery.

We successfully developed the construction machinery air conditioner and matching heat exchangers.

Yuxin Machinery Company was established as a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise.

The company passed the ISO9001 certification.

We were certified under the ISO14004 system.

Yuxin Machinery received the ISO/TS16949 certificate.

Yuxin Machinery was transformed into a joint-stock enterprise and renamed to Yuxin Automotive Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.. The restructured company specializes in the manufacture of automobile radiators, air conditioners, and matching heat exchangers. Thus far, we have attracted 90% of Chinese large-scale construction machinery manufacturers, such as Zoomlion, Sany, and XuGong.

Yuxin Automotive Air Conditioner became a wholly owned subsidiary of the newly formed Xinxiang Aviation Group. From then on, the company started to supply intercoolers, engine water radiators, and hydraulic oil radiators for construction machinery. It also provided air conditioners and matching heat exchangers for various types of vehicles.

Our radiator enabled new applications in wind power industry, where it was used to cool the torque converter oil and turbine engine coolants (mainly mixture of water and ethylene glycol).

YUXIN radiators proved an ideal fit for rail cars. Our engine cooling system, which integrated the hydraulic oil radiator, torque converter oil radiator, and the engine water cooler, helped improve heat transfer efficiency of rail cars.

YUXIN relocated to a new factory in an effort to expand production capacity.

Future Five-Year Plan
1. We will invest 12 million RMB in the wind tunnel testing lab and other testing facility.
2. We will invest 20 million RMB in the purchase of 4 aluminum furnaces for vacuum brazing, with an aim to expand the production capacity of plate-fin heat exchangers to 4000t/y.
3. We will build a comprehensive experiment center and a prototyping workshop to complement our research, development and manufacture system and achieve the sales volume goal of 1 billion RMB.