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In October 2009, Zoomlion placed a request for tender of crane intercoolers. By virtue of its strong research and development ability, large-scale production, advanced testing equipment and reasonable product price, YUXIN finally won the bid.

The previous intercooler supplier for Zoomlion was known for its backward welding technology, poor testing equipment, and leaking, low-efficiency products. Quite on the contrary, YUXIN owned the world-class high-temperature brazing furnace, Nocolock furnace, coordinate measuring device, helium leak detector, and has an outstanding research and development team. Therefore we had what it takes to produce quality intercoolers with high cost performance ratio.

After meticulous calculation, our technical team finally decided to use a serpentine heat exchanger as the intercooler core. Considering previous problems with the serpentine tube design, we made several improvements in the control of gap between the flat oval tube and end plates, design of intercooler core and clamping device used for brazing process, and the intercooler core welding technology and air tightness.

The whole intercooler structure was welded in the Nocolock brazing furnace which enables high welding efficiency, great strength and little pollution to the surrounding atmosphere. The finished intercooler sample was then closely tested in terms of resistance to vibration and pulse voltage as well as its dynamic performance. The final product proved an ideal fit for Zoomline crane. Just as Zoomlion commented on our product, our intercooler was reliable, cost-effective, and made with advance process.

In view of various advantages that YUXIN products have presented, Zoomlion decides to sign an agreement with YUXIN on the long-term supply of intercoolers. Every year, we supply more than 2000 intercoolers to Zoomlion for use in the crane, concrete pump, and the excavator.

Model ZLQ-100 Intercooler

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