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YUXIN invested 40 million RMB in the construction of 2 heat exchanger workshops with a combined building area of 11953m2. In 2012, another 12 million RMB went into the building of the wind tunnel test bed and other testing facilities. We also spent 20 million RMB on 3 aluminum furnaces for vacuum brazing, which expands the production capacity of the plate-fin heat exchanger production line to 4000 tons per year. Additionally, we purchased one more furnace for vacuum brazing at high temperature. The furnace enables an annual production capacity of 12,000 sets of plate-fin type stainless steel radiators for cooling engine oil.

Air Conditioners
YUXIN is capable of producing 3 million pieces of evaporators and condensers for vehicle air conditioners on an annual basis. Since we introduced the first Nocolok brazing furnace in 1995, YUXIN constantly purchased new advanced equipment and labs from the US, Japan and the UK. Today the company is able to produce various condensers, including the finned-tube, serpentine, parallel-flow, and over-cooling parallel flow types, and a wide range of evaporators, such as the finned-tube, serpentine, stacked-plate, and parallel flow models.

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