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We have two testing centers, one for vehicle radiator environmental control systems and the other for automobile air conditioner performance. Through our efforts, we have earned ISO9001 international quality management system certificate, ISO14001 international environmental management system certificate, and ISO/TS16949 automotive quality management system certificate. We also perform new product development, advanced product quality planning and process control in rigorous conformation with the ISO/TS16949 standard. After each important step, we use specialized testing facilities for quality testing. We also enhance crosschecking to ensure the integrity of finished products.

Testing Center for Vehicle Radiator Environmental
Control System

This testing center was initially built in 1958. It was not put into use until 5 years later. More five decades of continuous technical improvement has cost us 250 million RMB. Today this environmental control system testing center is mainly used to test the performance of various vehicle-specific radiators. At this center, various tests can be performed on the finished radiator, such as the impact test, salt spray test, vibration test, cycling pressure test, and high and low temperature test.

Examples of Vehicle Radiator Testing Equipment

Damp and Hot Salt Spray Testing Chamber ----Used for continuous or periodic salt spray test as well as damp and hot salt fog test

Vibration Testing Lab ---- Used for vibration testing at a random or fixed vibrating frequency, sine sweep test, impact test, and shimmy test.

Alternating High and Low Temperature Damp and Hot Testing Chamber ---Used for high temperature test, low temperature test, alternating high and low temperature test, damp and hot test

Pressure Testing Lab --- Used for conduct pressure test on the hydraulic hose and other hydraulic elements.

Automobile Air Conditioner Performance
Testing Center

Since 1997, YUXIN has invested a total of 98 million RMB into the internationally advance automobile air conditioner performance testing center. In June 2009, this facility was recognized as the state-level testing center.

This testing center is made up of four labs where the cooling performance test, wind capacity test, and heating performance test can be performed on the air conditioner.

①10KW or Below Standard Air Conditioner Performance Testing Lab

②10KW or Below Standard HVAC Performance Testing Lab

③10KW or Below Automobile Air Conditioning System Environment Simulation Testing Lab

④10-60KW Large-Scale Standard Automobile Air Conditioning System Performance Testing Lab