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Cooling System for Wind Turbines

We can provide custom-designed radiators and modular cooling systems for wind turbines, to fulfill engine cooling, frequency converter cooling, gearbox oil cooling, and hydraulic system cooling purposes.

The size of our wind turbine cooling systems can be custom designed as per clients’ demands, from minimum 1 cubic decimeter to maximum 2 meter in height and 4 meter in length.

Due to employment of national and international advanced technologies for heat transfer elements production, our wind turbine cooling systems have heat transfer property reaching the level of products made in Germany or UK. Upon request, our products can be optionally equipped with fan, hydraulic motor, DC fan, and temperature controller to provide better performance.

We welcome you to contact us for customized wind turbine cooling solutions. The following is a list of products we have designed for our clients. For more products, contact us today.
Water cooling system for engine
Water cooling system for frequency converter
Transmission oil cooler
Hydraulic system heat exchanger